My Mission

"When I see a client, I see a person perfectly whole, balanced and complete. My job is to help them identify why they think they are not!"  Dr. Erika Duffy

"My mission is to educate everyone to become more aware of what they, themselves are doing unconsciously to create or allow whatever life they have. Whatever we are experiencing in our life we do not want, by unlocking this gateway to our unconscious, we can create great change in ourselves and create a life rich and rewarding. Whether it is alcoholism, abuse, depression, or ANY type of emotional pain, it is our responsibility to stop blaming everthing and everyone outside of ourselves and to change first! To stop negative patterns and programming in ourselves, stops the same from being passed down to our children. By taking responsibility for ourselves and learning techniques to create an abundant, successful, happier life, not only does this immediately and positively affect us, we will be passing these new patterns down to the next generation".

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Is life really so unpredictable? Why do we feel so out of control? Can any reality exist? Why do some people struggle so much while other seem to have it so easy?

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Dr. Erika Duffy is in two best sellers with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Mark Victor Hansen